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Surviving the Encounter in 2022

There have been multiple gun-related incidents that have occurred in the Middle Tennessee area. A big part of our focus as a gun club is to provide education to help our community with gun safety, gun laws, and "surviving the encounter".

Middle Tennessee Black Gun Club(MTBGC) was established to be a firearm training and educational resource for Black people in Middle Tennessee to build safer communities.

Despite media narratives, this is what the permitless carry law actually says:

Allows for both open and concealed carry of handguns by any unprohibited person, 21 and over.

Please note that there is a difference between TN's permitless carry law and what some call "true" constitutional carry. Tennessee's permitless carry law only applies to handguns(barrels < 12").

A person who meets the following criteria to qualify for a permit is allowed to carry their handgun open or concealed without a permit.

  • Age: 21+ (18 and honorably discharged - military)

  • Location: where firearms can be lawfully present

The pure definition of constitutional carry is "the legal public carry of a handgun open or concealed without a permit." In practice, the restrictions vary by state.

As Black firearm owners, it is crucial that we understand the language, history, AND enforcement of these laws in Tennessee. We encourage community members to continue the research beyond this statement.

For more information, visit the Resource page on our website

This topic deserves some additional discussion. Middle Tennessee Black Gun Club(MTBGC) will host a Town Hall later in January live from our Facebook page on this very topic. Go follow us at and make sure that you join us for this conversation.

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